Friday, April 30, 2010

PEI tonight!!

Here's how the To Do list from last night panned out:

Got stuck in traffic trying to get to nail appointment. Called Mom and Dad and whine about traffic (it took me and hour to drive what normally takes 15 mins). Arrived 45 mins late and still got my nails done because my girl ROCKS. Remembered to tip this time.

Raced home. Stuffed my face with supper. Changed into running clothes. Realized I am waaaay to full to run. Cleaned bathroom. Ironed. Made green monsters for tomorrow.

I dreaded stepping outside to run. Then I found this music video. Realized that sitting on the couch will most definitely not give me that body. Compromised with myself: "Self, run 3km, call it your BCF warm up, and do the Beginner workout in front of the tv." Sigh. Ran 3km without iPod since it was now dark out. Got home. Threw laundry in washing machine. Did BCF. Noticed that the Beginner workout is now easy. Interesting.

Showered. Skipped Grey's (!!!) in favor of more pressing matters, such as shaving and attacking my Groucho Marx eyebrows. Finished packing.

Watched Private Practice while doing dishes and felt a bit nauseaous about Pete's cutthroat antics. Cried a little when Violet had a breakthrough in therapy. Cheered anyway when Pete wins custody.


I'm all packed, I just have make my bed and grab my cooler when I run home for lunch and I should be good to go. I can't handle leaving on a trip with a messy apartment. Did I mention I was at work at 7:30am this morning? I'm so excited for vacation!! P.S. Check out this weather forecast:

Good thing I packed shorts!!!

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