Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I got home from work and plopped down on the couch for an hour and half before actually getting up to go run. I did not want to go at all. When I finally got up, it was still light out! I love spring!

Maybe it was the new Asics, maybe I just needed to get out the door and run... but something snapped in me today and running got EASY! I was blazing down Barrington like it was my job! Loved it!

Time: 39 mins
Length: 5.5 km
Training plan: 5.5 km
Weather: 5C, clear
Feeling: ON FIRE

I'm not even that sore from Booty Camp last night! I zoomed in late (oops) but I don't think missing the warm up would cause me not to be sore (does that make sense? it did in my head..).

Now I'm waiting for Glee! What a great Tuesday :)


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