Monday, April 5, 2010

holiday Monday.

I loaded up my iPod with some new music and hit the road running!


Time: Umm.. 45 mins? Unsure
Length: 6.7 km
Training plan: 5 km (..but I skipped my run from yesterday.. oops)
Weather: 14C, SUNNY!
Feeling: On autopilot, regretting the pizza I ate for breakfast..

After the run, I mixed up some homemade iced coffee (brewed coffee, cooled, with honey and 3% milk) and a fruit smoothie (OJ, mixed berries, pineapple) and hit the road with my Garmin, intending to head to the beach.

Garmin in action!

Top to bottom: Lime water (filtered water with frozen lime pieces), smoothie, and iced coffee

I sort of forgot that 21 degrees in town does not equal 21 degrees by the Atlantic.. 11 degrees and windy! Brr.

Proof that I made it to the beach!

What?! Did someone say there was a sale?! the surf shop at Lawrencetown! I completely forgot about the cool(er) weather, and I picked up a cute Roxy cover up dress for future beach adventures. In the mean time, I headed out to Mom & Dad's for supper for BBQ'd chicken.. yumm!

I need practice at taking full body shot photos.. any high school girls wanna help me out?!

View from the surf shop. Gorgeous day!

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