Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sooo frustrated.

What good is online customer support if the employees aren't capable of communicating in written English? I'm not racist but this was STUPID.

I ordered a phone online April 1st, and the shipping was 4-6 days. No phone yet, but the bill was charged to my credit card. I printed off the receipt at the time of purchase, but never received a confirmation email, so the hard copy with the order number is at home. I jumped online to see is customer support could pull up my account for me and check it, but no such luck...

Rachael: Just wondering if you can help track my order, I forget the tracking number

You are now speaking with Alex of Sales Support.

Alex: Welcome to (name of cell company)
Alex: Sure i can
Alex: If you can help me out with your e-mail address?
Rachael: rhankinson@xxxxxx
Alex: Thank you
Alex: Allow me a moment and i will check that for you
Rachael: sure
Alex: I am afraid to say that we have not revived your order
Rachael: well that's funny, because it was charged to my credit card
Alex: Can you check your e-mail to see if we have send you any mail regarding the order confirmation number
Rachael: i didn't get an email, but i printed off the confirmation when i placed the order.. i just don't have the hard copy on me
Alex: You can loggin to your accout once again and get the order number from there!
Rachael: In order to track my number, I need the order number. Where do I go in my account to find the order number?
Rachael: sorry, i meant "in order to track my phone"
Rachael: i don't know how to find the order number
Rachael: but can't you find that?
Rachael: hello?
Rachael: Did you leave or are you helping me out?
Alex: yes
Alex: Ok
Alex: please help me with your phone number
Rachael: 1 xxx xxx xxxx
Rachael: are you calling me now? because I'm at work and I can't chat
Alex: I will give you a ca[ll
Alex: In an hour
Alex: I will let you know about the status
Alex: And will help you in every possible way
Rachael: I have the hard copy of the print out at home, I'll try that first tonight and if that doesn't work I'll call tomorrow. Thank you for your help
Alex: Oh, that will be great
Alex: We will be waiting for your call




  1. I feel your pain!!! Everytime I need to call Dell, I make Rob do it (he knows computers) & they do not know what he is talking about... ever... it's a good thing they're getting paid for this kind of customer service... haha

  2. This was online chat too.. like if they can't use the proper words ("revived"?! try "received"!), how are you supposed to get your point across haha