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I've named my blog, "A Living Contradiction" because I am a concoction of paradoxes.. I'm a dreamer and a realist; I'm an athlete and a couch potato; I love to be the center of attention, but I also love to be alone; I love camping, but I also love a good manicure; I'm passionate but analytical; and I LOVE cream cheese and chocolate, but also broccoli and raspberries (..just maybe not together!).

My Story

I graduated from university in May 2009. I tripped into a job straight out of my schooling, and am working full-time in the field I studied. It was a good job, but I found something was missing... so I'm going back to school in August 2011 (see here for more). I couldn't be happier!

I loved high school. I stayed busy with lots of things, and studied for tests while munching on baby carrots and broccoli (thanks Mom!). I frequently indulged in sweets, but my body didn't seem to notice it because I played basketball and got good grades - and dealt with school stress by going for a run or pounding out a few kilometers in the pool.

Then during university, I think I put on around 10 pounds (I'm clearly not a scale watcher!) over those four years, after swearing up and down in high school that it was never going to happen to me. I swam with the university swim team (club team my first 3 years, and varsity the last year), and by keeping up with cardio I got away with the occasional night of girly drinks or beer.

Since I've started living in the "real world", I've found myself a little lost. Belonging to organized sports or groups always gave me a sense of identity, and I work harder in a group setting - I'm so competitive! After seven months of feeling sorry for myself (moving for my job meant starting a long distance relationship), of no activity, feeling lethargic, emotional, tired, and bored, I decided that something needed to change.

I started running regularly (3 times a week) at the beginning of March 2010, with the goal of running a 10km race on May 23rd (which was my first road race ever!). I had an absolute blast at the race, and ran 4 more races after that - two 5ks, a 6 miler (just short of 10k) and a half marathon! I also signed up for eight weeks of Booty Camp Fitness, which was HARD, but a lot of fun and gave me a new appreciation for squats! I did another 4 weeks afterwards and found that the novelty was starting to wear off. I get bored easily and I like change, so since then I've taken a community dance class (Caribbean Dance..... I laughed a LOT), and done yoga around once a week (Lululemon has free classes every Sunday! Yahoo!).

I love the "healthy living" blogging world and all of the fun things it has to offer (inspiration, recipes, workouts, tips for healthy living!). I'm excited to be a part of it and hope you enjoy what I have to offer. If you have any tips or comments, please don't hesitate to comment on a post.

Who's "DC"?

My other half. My equal in many ways, but my superior in patience, knowledge of all things sports-related, and his ability to remember the most minute details. Blog shy, so don't expect to see many photos of him here.

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