Monday, April 26, 2010

puremobile HATRED.


Okay, not everyone, but everyone affiliated with

I thought I was getting a sweet deal on a refurbished, "unlocked" T-Mobile Samsung cell, for just under $100 for everything, phone charger, shipping, etc.

Famous last words.

I cannot articulate the hatred I am feeling. First of all, all of their online support people have names like Rick, Alex, Dwayne, or Adam (I know because I spoke with one of each at least once), but when I call and finally get through to customer service, they are definitely some sort of Asian. Which I gathered from the fact that they can't spell, or use proper grammar and punctuation. Whatever. I'm not racist. If they could get me what I need they could be Na'vi for all I care. But their return policy is 10 days (CALENDAR days, not business days) only and to actually get through to someone takes a good day and a half.

I could go on forever. Basically, if you ever hear someone mention the words "pure" and "mobile" in a sentence, and they are not writhing in pain or shooting fire from their tear ducts then PLEASE PULL A TERRY TATE ON THEIR ASS.

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