Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday morning.

Friday after work I blazed in the door, and shoved the BCF dvd into the player. I thought the beginner workout was 30 mins (it was), but that doesn't include the 5 min warm up or the 10 min cool down. I have a long way to go - the beginner workout left me grunting on my yoga mat and cursing out Sammie and her tumbling mic pack (hopefully these videos will get more professional as the company ages!). It served its purpose well. I was good and tired when I was finished!

I drove out to my parents' place Friday night, and headed off to the Island Saturday morning. Recognizing that I probably wouldn't get in my run on Sunday, I decided to do it Saturday morning instead, and switch my rest day to Sunday.

Time: no idea.. 40 mins?
Length: 6.2 km
Training plan: 6 km
Weather: rainy and wormy
Feeling: ..this is why I don't run in the mornings.. I felt unfueled (I don't eat before I run in the mornings) and groggy.

The birds were yelling at me because they thought I was stomping through their buffet. With the effort I was exerting trying not to step on those little buggers, I should be vegan!

My trip to PEI was awesome. DC and I had a wildy successful trip to Moore's, where he tried on suits and I melted into a puddle on the floor. I need to remember to bring extra batteries for my camera to his cousin's wedding. After his shopping was done for the day, I bought a new pair of Asics (!) on sale (!!) and I'm SO excited to try them out. I'm pretty sure these were the last type I bought.. and lost somewhere. Oops. When I started running again at the end of February, I was hesitant to buy a new pair until I knew that this was a serious lifestyle change.. so I've been running in ancient New Balance sneaks that have absolutely no support left in them. I'm a severe over pronator (aka flat feet) so I've really been noticing that my feet are tired after my runs. Plus, my shoes stink. Badly. If you wanted to know. After I bought these new runners, I thought about running Sunday morning, but I had to remind myself that I need a rest day! Weird, right?

Asics Gel-1140
I emailed my BCF instructor asking about goal setting for this session, since I wasn't exactly sure what would be realistic. I wasn't planning on making a whole lot of dietary changes just yet, not because I don't want to, but because I want these changes to be sustainable in the long term and become lifestyle habits and not just phases, which is what usually happens. She was very helpful and encouraged me to at least start writing down what I'm eating just so I'm aware of what is going into my body. I am very aware that this weekend contained a lot of carbs and not a lot of fruit and veggies, and even a little DQ (oops!!). Awareness is the first step, right?!

What came out of my consultation with my instructor was that I'm going to shoot for a body fat percentage reduction from 21.7% to 19%, and an overall weight loss of 5 lbs (accounting for muscle gain) over eight weeks. She also suggested that I buy "goal pants" (pants a size down from what I wear now). This is something that a few of the girls talked about on the first day of class.

I really, really don't like this idea for me, because I have a hard time buying pants as it is. And it's not because I'm enormous, it's just because of my body proportions. I would much rather focus on increasing my energy level and making exercise a habit and something I crave, as well as changing the numbers that I started with. I don't like the idea of trying to fit into a specific size. I've flirted with the idea of wanting to be Victoria Beckham skinny before (I actually have an old journal with photos of her in it), and I fully recognize that is not healthy, nor is it a good goal to set for myself. Because I will never be 5'4" and 105 lbs. That would make me anorexic.. and feetless..


  1. OMG we are totally in the same class! I just got your comment - my BB was dead all day so I couldn't check my email. My abs are sore already - that doesn't bode well for tomorrow! Do you know any of the other healthy-living Hali bloggers (Embracing Balance, Life Health Fitness, Sweet Tooth, Angie all the Way)?

  2. I found Sweet Tooth and Angie all the Way's blogs while I was creeping around today, I'll add the other two to my list!

    The sprints & burpees killed me today! Looking forward to Wednesday :)