Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the most random post ever.

Tonight I went for a ~6km jog and did the Intermediate workout from BCF.

My stats aren't very good because I stopped at the bank on the way home.. at least that's what I'm blaming it on.

Time: 48 mins
Length: ~6 km
Training plan: 5.5 km
Weather: Gross.
Feeling: Dehydrated and tired

I was really struggling on this run. I don't know if it was the drizzly, dreary weather or not drinking water all day, but 6 km felt like a million. At one point, this came on my iPod "(be forewarned, it's intense):

And I booked it. Well, maybe not booked it, but it definitely helped me increase the intensity! I kept picturing a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Except the music is so intense, my butterfly was an angry goth.

The BCF workout was really good. I actually collapsed at the end. And I watched tv at the same time, so it kept me from wanting to punch Sammie in the face (love you Sammie!).

For supper, I made this sweet potato soup from Angela's blog at Oh She Glows.

Photo credit: Angela Liddon

I was too hungry to photograph my soup, so here is the photo from her blog! I tweaked her recipe a little and it was AMAZING. Thanks Ang!

I'm currently glued to my tv watching "Help! I'm turning into a giant!" on TLC. I'm drawn to this channel like a moth to a flame.. I know this is really weird but I actually think Igor Vovkovinskiy is kind of hot. Here he is meeting Obama:

Okay. I also know this is really immature and insensitive.. but it has to be said.. if you have acromegaly.. does it affect EVERYthing? You know what I'm sayin'.

On another, more disturbing note, they just showed a woman with acromegaly be injected with a 20 gauge needle. TWENTY GAUGE. That's like stabbing yourself with a pen. For a minute. Solid. Once a week. Also, this poor woman just got asked if she wanted children.. which is out of the question medically for her. Why would you ask that. Come on.

Oi. That is enough. If I keep typing there are going to be photos of Smurfs and Mr. Clean popping up everywhere.

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