Friday, May 23, 2008

abuse of the apostrophe.

It has come to my attention as of late that there are quite a few people who are unaware of the proper use of an apostrophe. One only has to venture over to to discover that this online (granted, often poorly edited, but nevertheless ridiculously informative online encyclopedia) contains no less than 6,831 words on the history and proper usage of the apostrophe, and specifically 2,464 words on its usage in the English language. Twice in the last hour I have found two locations where it is most unacceptable (as if it is acceptable at all!) for an apostrophe to be abused: the first, on the slide show presentation of a noted researcher involved in the many phases of drug development; the second, on a website for a local coffee shop. While the second may appear to be more excusable than the first, in no case do I find it acceptable for anyone (particularly those whose first language is English!) to pervert the use of the apostrophe in such a fashion.

If thinking of apostrophes causes you to reminisce of ineffective English classes or angry red hen scratches on papers caused by frustrated teachers, first of all I say to you, hang your head in shame! No one is excusable from this heinous grammatical crime. Secondly, I recommend you do one of two things:
1. Consult an English textbook; they all have a section on grammar; or,
2. Head on over to Wikipedia and fill yourself in.

There is no excuse for ignorance. Get informed!