Thursday, April 8, 2010

hangin' tough.

Today's run was brought to you by New Kids on the Block.

By the end of the day at work, I was exhausted, but I knew I had to go for a run. It was slow, but it definitely helped my muscles loosen up from the cage of pain they'd been in all day!


Time: After yesterday's workout, I was not timing this one!
Length: 5.1 km
Training plan: 5 km
Weather: 14C, gorgeouss
Feeling: SORE but surprisingly energetic!

I mapped out the route before I left on Gmaps Pedometer before I left, but I was busy staring at my shadow and listening to Richard Marx .. so I accidentally cut off a street (and shortened my route). Since my quads were burning anyway, and I was right beside the Citadel, I ran up the hill... twice! I didn't quite make it up the whole way before I paused, but I made it eventually! Once I was at the top, I contemplated rolling down... but that ended when I pictured rolling through dog poop. Yumm.

It's really encouraging for me to feel myself getting stronger. I mean, I definitely wasn't flying out there today, but it felt good and I was proud of myself that I actually got moving today instead of slugging on the couch all night! Hooray!

I'm going to try replacing the 3 km Friday run with the DVD workout from BCF. The program works best if there are three workouts a week instead of just two. This way I run 3x a week and do BCF 3x a week. It's going to be tough! What's keeping me going (and I know this may sound silly) is the mental image of myself camping in a bikini. And looking HOT.

I really love camping.

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