Monday, January 14, 2008


So apparently there's a former crystal meth user out there who'se suing her former drug dealer for damages. ..what?

"A Biggar woman who went into a coma after taking crystal meth is suing the drug dealer who allegedly sold her the drug."

(See for the rest of the story).

I understand that what happened to this woman was very serious. She went into a coma and almost died at age 19. Not ever having been addicted to drugs, I have no idea what she went through, nor do I ever have the desire to. Because of that reason, I'm unsure I have the ability to accurately comment on the situation.. but, of course I'm going to, because this wouldn't be much of a blog then, would it?

At what point do we have to make people accountable for their actions? A judge named Stephen Labow from Toronto interviewed about this story said, "My initial reaction is it seems ludicrous to me...What kind of court system are we going to have if suddenly there are hundreds of cases where people who are breaking the law are then asking for some kind of recompense, even though they've committed an offense they know is an offense?"

I agree with Judge Labow. This is a waste of time for lawyers and judges, and a waste of our tax dollars. Speaking of tax dollars, Ms. Bergen spent time in the hospital, a Canadian hospital, which meant that the rest of us Canadians were paying for her medical expenses as a result of her actions (I'm assuming she had some kind of medical insurance). I understand that there has to be some sort of forgiveness and mercy shown to drug addicts, because we're all a fallen people, but shouldn't she be grateful that there was a bed and a doctor available to look after her in her time of need, instead of seeking $50,000 in damages as a result of her own actions? This world just doesn't make any sense.

Any thoughts?