Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm alive!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted since I hit Toronto! I brought my laptop but DC's relatives (who we're staying with) don't have wireless and I can't rip a signal (their neighbors are good!). I'm having a great time, it's 25C and HUMID, I feel like I'm in Florida!! I love it! The drive was horrendous (18.5 hours!!!! Yeouch!!) but we made it and came out stronger for it (GO BUY A GARMIN GPS. They will save your relationship.. and get you to your location!!). I've TOTALLY been slacking on the food and fitness front, and my skin has been letting me know! Crappy food = crappy skin, and I feel like a preteen with acne. I have to head out, I'm meeting up with a good friend and her bf who I've never met, and I'm excited for a double date because they don't happen often (that's what happens with long distance relationships!). CN Tower later, Ontario Science Centre tomorrow, Toronto Zoo Thursday, DC's cousin's wedding Saturday, and I need to find some time to SHOP!!!

I will update in detail when I get home! Stay tuned!!

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