Wednesday, April 7, 2010

booty camp 101.

I survived my first booty camp session!!

I'm not sure how traveling up and down stairs is going to feel tomorrow.. I tottered out of that workout on wobbly quads, but it was so worth it! There were 15 women there (the group caps off at 20), ages ranging from early twenties to early forties (but mostly mid twenties).

A little background on Booty Camp Fitness

Sammie Richards, the creator of Booty Camp Fitness, is only 27 years old. After having never worked out before, in 2005 she decided to get in shape, and using Body for Life she got jacked in 3 months. Just over a year later she competed in the FAME World Championships Fitness Model Competition. She lost 25 pounds and went from 25.5% body fat to 13.5%.

After looking at these photos, I would say she should call up her Mom and Dad ASAP and thank them for their genes!

I'm not posting my photos until the 8 weeks are over, but if you're creative you can come up with a photo based on these stats:

Age: 23
Weight: 136
Height: 5'7"
Body Fat: 21.7%
Arms: 10.5"
Chest: 31.5"
Waist: 28.5"
Hips: 34.25"
Butt: 40.75"
Thighs: 23.5"

To help you, imagine my face on this little photo here:
I don't really know what is realistic to shoot for in terms of weight loss/muscle gain or inches lost. I'm going to shoot for a decrease in body fat down to 18% and see how long that takes. Sammie decreased her body fat to below 14%, but I bet my car on the fact that she probably drastically altered her diet to get those numbers... and I'm planning on making changes, but by no means cutting out meat and all sweets. I'd love to see some toning in my arms, stomach, and a decrease in inches around my hips and bum, but I also don't want to work really hard and then be disappointed that I haven't met the right numbers.

I copied this from the BCF website:

Body Fat Percentage Categories2:

Women (% fat)
Essential Fat
32% plus

2Body fat percentage categories. American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.).

I'd say I'd be comfy sitting in the "Athletes" range!

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  1. Hey Rachael,

    Congrats on making it through your first camp! Look forward to reading all about your journey with Booty Camp Fitness and what's sure to be a lot of success!

    PS: LOVE Halifax blogger ladies! :)

    Lisa Richards
    Communications Manager
    Booty Camp Fitness