Thursday, April 15, 2010


My job situation, explained:

It's like I’m on a date with an awesome guy, and Great Guy #2 comes by and asks me out on a date while Great Guy #1 is in the washroom. Seems like an easy decision, right? Of course I'd say no to Guy #2. Except for at this very moment, Guy #1 may or may not be weaseling his way out the bathroom window, and I have to decide about Guy #2 without waiting to see if Guy #1 will re-join me. Also, they're twins. So they're equally as attractive. But Guy #1 has a bigger bank account, and Guy #2 is romancing the heck out of me. SUCH A DILEMMA!

Also, people will not stop asking me if Guy #1 is coming back, and I have NO IDEA, what am I, a boy?

The moral of the story least I have guys that are interested in me?!

Also, this whole dating analogy is moot anyway because I have a real life boyfriend. It's just an analogy, people.


  1. Does guy #2 offer a long term commitment? (i get that it's an analogy...)

  2. Guy #1 can't expect you to just keep waiting and wondering though. Especially when there is another fairly decent guy interested in you...

    ;) I also understand the analogy!

  3. I should also add, be grateful for your options. I've been "dating a real loser" for the past year and a half. He seemed like an OK catch at the time but he really makes me miserable. I have been desperatly scouring dating sites for the past year, have gone on a few dates but no commitments from guys worthwile! lol

  4. Awww.. thanks guys! I know, I am grateful for my options.. it's just weird being in this spot is all. The commitment level is about the same Brian!