Sunday, November 18, 2007


It kind of defeats the purpose to eat three packages of Christie Thinsations (100 calories a package!) at a time.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

simple pleasures.

I'm home for the weekend. And it is good.

I realize that there is joy in the small things, and even though I knew that before, I'm starting to realize just how much I appreciate them. Here's a small list from the week past:

- sleeping in a warm queen sized bed with a fantastic mattress
- Tom Horton's coffee with a friend
- riding the bus from Ch'town to Truro, and having it only take 3.5 hours instead of six (no transfer in Moncton! Woohoo!)
- watching movies with Mom
- shopping with Mom
- talking with Mom (..I love my Mom, ok?)
- spontaneous dancing
- a clean kitchen
- warm clothing
- not having to pay to wash clothes
- listening to Christmas music two months early
- the smell of a crisp fall morning
- the smell of Mom baking cookies
- take out Chinese food
- being inspired by the actions of close friends

..and that's only from this week! Life really is a beautiful thing. Let's milk it, okay?