Monday, August 2, 2010

Natal Day 6-Miler recap.

What a beautiful day for a race!

So beautiful, I'm squinting..
Length: 6 miles (9.65 km)
Gun Time: 53:47
Chip Time: 53:15
Pace/mile: 8:53
Place: 228/376
Division (F20-29): 10/27


Can I just say that I LOVE Atlantic Chip Timing? They're the organization that is in charge of timing at most of the runs and triathlons in Atlantic Canada, and they have their sh!t together. They're always very well organized, and the finish times are posted to the website very quickly after the races. And whoever has been typing in the registration names, kudos! My name has been spelled correctly the last few races, and since it's often misspelled by lazy typers, I am impressed when people get it right.

To be honest, I wasn't sure how this run was going to go, because my last run was on Wednesday.. (4 days ago!!). DC visited this weekend and we cocooned in the apartment, and I wasn't spending so much as 30 mins away from his side since I hadn't seen him in a month! I even felt guilty showering with the door closed. Deep breaths. This season will pass! :)

I had figured out that if I was going to beat my time from the Bluenose, I needed to finish in under 55 mins (since the course was a bit shorter). I was only loosely working with this time because I realize I haven't been doing any speed work, and the course was hillier (is that a word?) than I usually train on. They described it as "mostly flat" on the race website. Mostly flat, like my butt is mostly flat. Aka, NOT flat. I was very grateful to the man who stood on the sidewalk with his garden hose, giving the runners a sweet shower to run through. Although it might have killed my iPod... only time will tell!

I love, LOVE when spectators clap and cheer along the race route. It doesn't matter that they have no idea who I am, the encouragement is welcome!! My favorite thing is waving at the itty-bitty spectators. The one thing I did not like about this race was that it was a 2 mile loop that we completed 3 times. Getting lapped by the elite runners (the winner finished in 31:31) was a bit discouraging. But let me tell you, there is nothing more motivating than getting passed by moms and dads with strollers! That'll make you pick up your feet. Also, my Mom got to see me twice before the actual finish which was cool.. races are boring if you only get to see the start and finish! Thanks Ma :)

Race #4 and Race #3!

My buddy Josh finished in 44:29! He's running his first marathon in the fall and dreaming of Boston already! It may be closer to reality then we all think.. because this race was at Boston pace! Now, all he has to do is quadruple the distance and maintain the same speed.. GO JOSH!

Now I have iced my knees and had a super nutritious lunch. Tooooo the bathtub!

Super nutritious lunch. It's cool, I had spinach for breakfast.

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