Sunday, May 23, 2010

when's the next race???

I just ran a sub 1 hour 10k for my first running race ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time: 1:00:26.8
Chip Time: 57:07.4
Weather: sunny and beautiful!! ~17 degrees C? maybe?

The difference in the times is because it took me 3 minutes to cross the start line.. because there were 2636 other 10k runners running with me!!!! TWENTY SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX!! In comparison, there were something like 330 marathon runners. The 10k is the most popular race.. by far!

My category was Women 20-29, and I came 109/374, and 326 out of 1456 women.

I passed what I thought was the halfway mark (my watch said just over 34 minutes) and the volunteer holding the arrow said, "Good job everyone! Keep it up! 6k down, 4 to go!" and I just about fell over when I realized I could run a sub 1 hour race!! The one nasty hill (Nantucket) was behind me, and I booted it to the finish!!

I will recap it more later, but for now I will leave you with these!

At the start.. can you see me?

Possibly my favorite photo of the day.

Who knew pace bunnies actually wore bunny ears??

After the race.. so many hungry runners!!

My parent's BBQ and the sunshine beckon.. enjoy your day!!

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