Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ode to My First Apartment.

This fantastic place has been my home for a year;
a sweet little apartment, that I hold so dear

I searched long and hard for you, I saw some nasty locations!
Once I found you, "Thank goodess," I thought, "that I have a vocation!"

Only bar stools, no table, are found in this pad,
but the lack of a dining room really isn't so bad

A full sized stove, it's beautiful, bright shiny white;
when the smoke alarm sounds, it gives such a fright!

A large empty fridge didn't take long to fill,
not surprising, as I enjoy being stuffed to the gills!

"Dishwasher? Please..", said a naive young girl...
...famous last words once she gave it a whirl.

"Large drawers in the kitchen! How wonderful!" said I,
the lack of a linen closet was the main reason why.

A vessel sink in the bathroom, how modern, how sweet!
But most inconvenient for washing one's feet..

Many bubble baths were had, here in this:
a jacuzzi bath tub.. oh, what lovely bliss!

A cute little closet to house all my stuff,
learning to iron.. now that will be tough!

"I'll love you forever," she said, with sad eyes
"But alas, the lack of parking will make us cut ties."

"You've been so great while I've found my wings;
here's hoping the next place shares a few of these things!"

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