Sunday, August 8, 2010

sweet Saturday.

What a glorious Saturday! I realize it's Sunday now but yesterday was busy, so now I'm blogging on my parents' deck in the sunshine. Smiley face. This is going to be a long post, but with lots and lots of photos!!

The Salutation Nation yoga class yesterday was so much fun! It was on the Halifax Commons, fairly close to the road. We had a few friendly honks from cars driving by!


The next photo was taken by one of the Lululemon ambassadors. She was running around with a camera and I think she took some video too.. I'm still waiting for anything but the photo below to show up on the Lulu facebook page. I'm in the middle in black tights and a white tank, but I don't think you can see me...

The best kind of yoga is the kind where you need sunglasses!

One of my favorite parts was when the instructor demonstrated how to jump back into Chaturanga from Crow. I managed to get up into crow and then jump back onto my knees.. but unfortunately this move is not "available to me" just yet!

My Crow didn't looks this good though!

Picture jumping from Crow to this. Now picture me failing miserably. Ha!

After snagging some coffee from Perks on Queen street (in my reusable mug.. I need to get on this environmental train again!), I headed down to the new Farmer's Market on the waterfront. I was really sad last week when I heard that last Saturday was the last day for the Brewery Market to be full of vendors.. I didn't even realize!

It was super busy! Everyone wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Well displayed signs let us know that construction was ongoing and there us more work to be done!


PACKED! So far it's not any less crowded than the old market..

Mmm, veggies!

There's a sweet balcony with additional vendors up top.

I waited in line for a breakfast wrap from a booth where the chef and his assistant sing Michael Buble
at the top of their lungs while they cook. Well worth the wait for the entertainment!

My veggie omelette!

All wrapped up!


This actually made me tear up.. because I'm a big sap.
There were markers hanging in front of this sign and it was FULL of signatures
People even started signing the back!

Signing away!

I got in on the action :)

Fresh veggies!

Sweet view.

Handmade cards!

Everything is still so brand new, it's a very stark contrast from the old Alexander Keith's Brewery where the old market was held. That building is all old stone and aged wood, and this building is fresh cement and beautiful new wood floors. I'm still processing how I feel about it...

The building itself is supposed to be very "green", with windmills on the roof generating power, and "environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems, with no furnace or air conditioning". Whatever that means, I'm not exactly sure. This living wall was a more visible sign of the "green" in the building.

Then I found heaven on a table.. raw chocolate desserts from Rawthentic Chocolate.

Can I have one of everything? Kthanks.

I die.

YUM. Please excuse the chipped nail and focus on the DELICIOUSNESS summed up in this little ball of .. you guess it, NIRVANA.

After relaxing at home for a bit, I packed up a bag (or three) and headed to my parents' place for the night. Josh picked me up around 6pm and we headed to Truro to run the Cobequid Trail again. We decided to try this long run in the evening, because I find that long runs in the morning absolutely destroy the rest of my day... and this way, after the run I could just go to bed!

Time: 2:03.37
Distance: between 19.5 and 19.7 km
Weather: Sunny, windy, and cooling off, 18C maybe?
Feeling: Blessed. Beautiful trail, good friend, great chat, incredible sunset, and a body that can do this! Wild!

I didn't ever think that I'd be able to do almost 20k and talk the whole time, but let me tell you, the problem with a 20k is not the cardio, it's my legs. The idea behind a long run is not to push yourself to go fast (or else you'd never finish it), it's to get the distance in. My legs will give out long before my lungs! Talking makes the time fly, plus it makes it more fun. We came to the conclusion that I need to get caught up on the new season of Jersey Shore!

So sweaty and so happy to be done!

Do not let my optimism fool you. Long runs are HARD. But the feeling at the end is so worth it!

After this run, I decided to try a closer-to-real-ice bath. Two bags of ice this time. I'm working my way up! I made a video too but it sounds like I have a lisp and I thought it was a bit silly, so all you get is this photo of a very chilly me.


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