Thursday, August 19, 2010

blogger FAIL.

Time: 29:26
Length: 4.8 km
Training plan: I'm "tapering". haha
Weather: sunny and beautiful!
Feeling: WARM

Sigh. One more run down. It doesn't really feel real that I will be running 21 km in 9 days .... (!!).


The other day I got to open a new bag of coffee!!!!

I bought it way back here, but I was a good little dutch girl and finished the coffee I already had before opening this one. Oh happy day!

Note to self: Clean coffee maker..
P.S. Isn't that a cute glass mug?! Thanks Paderno <3


Today is, "Be Careful What You Post On The Internet" day here at Casa Rachael.

It is 100% because of this post.

ALLIE FOUND ME!!!! (read the comment)

I am under the impression I have about as many readers as I have fingers. Since I have all my fingers, that is ten. So NOWHERE in my brain did it register that other random people would be reading this.. or that by linking someone's blog or inserting their full name into one of my blog posts, it may give them the capability to turn around and find my blog. In my mind, I am a speck in the sea of webpages.

Allie, if you are reading this, you have lovely teeth.

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