Saturday, August 21, 2010



I know right, like usually you only see that on Youtube.

Back story:

I headed out to my parent's place last night for a visit. I'm slowly moving things out from my apartment to their place, so that moving day won't be chaos and there will be less stuff to move.

My parents live in the house I grew up in, in a subdivision in a small town. It's close enough to the city to go shopping, but close enough to the country to smell when the farmer's fields are getting fertilized.. mmm. My middle school and high school are surrounded by farms. I can honestly say I would like something similar for my family in the future...

I digress. My point is, that even in a subdivision, my parents have a National Geographic thing going on. They've had deer and rabbits sneaking into their vegetable gardens and harvesting a little early without permission.. and they have a constant stream of hummingbirds fighting over the three feeders on their deck. Most recently, they have befriended a baby chipmunk that has taken refuge in their backyard. He is a bold little thing, and occasionally trots up the deck stairs to see what's going on. In an attempt to keep him off the deck (and further away from the house!) they've starting training him with peanuts... when Mom sees him running around the woodshed, she'll toss a peanut from the deck and he takes it and runs.

It's gotten to the point where SHE CAN FEED HIM FROM HER HAND. I stood there, dumbfounded, as she crouched on the paving stones by the woodshed and tapped a peanut on the ground. The little chipmunk came running. He sniffed around her hand for a second, and then plucked the peanut right out of her hand!!! I was shocked!! And then immediately asked if she had any more.

Please pardon my appearance. I'm unwashed and (yes Steve) I totally stole my brother's house coat. It was morning, alright.

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