Tuesday, August 10, 2010

playing with fire.

Last night after work I zoomed home, changed into my running clothes, and zoomed back out the door.

Time: 46:32
Length: 7.1 km
Training plan: 6.5 km (scheduled for Monday)
Weather: 25-26C and hhuuummiddd
Feeling: great parts, tough parts

I ran back in the door, showered, and headed to the waterfront to catch some of the Buskers action.

After finding a program and snagging a Beaver Tail, I meandered through the surprisingly large crowd (for a Tuesday!) and checked out some of the acts.
Mmm. Deep fried cinnamon and sugar...

I found this lovely lady who must have been sweating her balls off all day in this sexy get up (you know, if she had balls):

Kate Mior, everyone.

She was sweet, she winked at an older gentleman (wife in tow) as he walked by and when he didn't respond, she mouthed, "Call me!" and held her hand up to her ear like a phone. Cute.

I found an act I wanted to see at one specific stage, so I headed there for 9pm. While trying to weasel my way in to see what the current act was all about (heels were a GREAT decision!), I totally took a picture of a couple in front of me. I was going to post it on the blog but I didn't think that was quite right. You know the couples that can't keep their hands off each other in public? Yeah this was them. He had his chubby hand like 2 inches from being smack on her derriere, and literally pushed her forward with his sweaty palm when space in front of them cleared. Eww. Give the girl some space.

I caught the end of a performance by the Hectic Brothers (from Australia). It didn't seem like much of an act - well, except for their leotards. A bit of smack talk, some tumbling, and a little peek at what Australia was packin' down under.... (I'm sorry, I had to!).

I know this is dark. I apologize. I know you really wanted a close up.

The group I really wanted to see were Flame Oz, who were the Viewer's Choice winners from last year. They are a fire dancing group from Australia (apparently Australian Buskers like Halifax) and they were spectacular! Here the girls are balancing giant Q-tips on their heads.. which doesn't seem so hard.. except the giant Q-tips are on FIRE.

Their outfits lit up when I used my flash! Coooool.

And I shot a quick video. So worth it!

On another note, I'm headed to PEI this weekend for some camping. Hooray!

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