Friday, August 6, 2010

mental battle.

Time: Stopped my watch early on for a stoplight and forgot to restart it.. :(
Length: 5.6 km
Training plan: ..I'm a little off track
Weather: 23C, humid, and sunset!
Feeling: delicious

Today Josh sent me a message asking, "hey wanna run 18k tomorrow?"

The fact that I actually considered it, and then said yes (and my training plan actually calls for 19km) made my head explode. If you had asked me that this time last year I would have laughed in your face. And then ate a half a pizza.

While I still will eat half a pizza in one sitting, it is mind boggling that my body is now capable of running that distance without collapsing. Although, I really do believe that most of my battle is mental... I throw tantrums in my head (and sometimes out loud!) that a toddler would be proud of when I decide I don't want to run. Then sometimes I just don't (and my training log is evidence of this!). It's not because I can't, it's because I don't want to. Or I get lazy and decide, "Oh, I can do it tomorrow." Good thing I decided not to run a marathon (sorry Josh), because you can't slack like that in marathon training, or you actually won't cross the finish line. Or, you will - just on a stretcher. I'm really really hoping that my slacker training is sufficient enough for me to complete 21.1km in three weeks (!!!!). **Disclaimer: I am an example of how NOT to train for a half. If I actually followed my plan I'd be much better off.. do as I say not as I do!!!!**

In other news, I'm SUPER excited for this tomorrow:

Lululemon's Salutation Nation!!

"...On August 7th from 9:00 – 10:00 AM, Salutation Nation will elevate this connection to another level as thousands of people across North America take their asana practice outside for a complimentary class to move, breathe, and connect with other like-minded people in their communities. Across the continent, mats will roll out onto grass, sand, and pavement as part of this incredible outdoor yoga experience grounded in community, elevating connections. We invite people of all different backgrounds, ages, and athletic abilities to spend one hour together with friends, teachers, neighbors, and perfect strangers connecting, being present, and most importantly having fun!" (source)

I'll try to remember to bring my camera!! Free yoga and tons of people? Yess pleeassse!!

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