Thursday, August 5, 2010

saavvvee meee

I went for a run before work today (gasp!). Getting up shortly after 6am gives the day much more time.. plus then I came home from work and hung out like a sloth. Bonus!

Time: 47 mins and change
Length: 7.1 km
Training plan: all messed up
Weather: foggy
Feeling: slow start but a fabulous ending :)

I'm currently brainstorming ideas to make my life more interesting, because right now it is boorrrinnggg. Thinking about whipping out some chart paper and making a thought web. Or that MIGHT just prove my point. Plus, I'm all out of chart paper.

"Hi, Pets Unlimited? Yes, do you have any cats for sale? ..kthanks."


1 comment:

  1. Maybe you should survey your friends to make up some aptly named "Fun Factor" you can rate yourself on some impossible-to-understand scale, like "you are a K8" OOOH, or you could play Battleship! that might help!