Friday, June 11, 2010


My car :(

I thought the NORTH End was supposed to be bad. I'll take your drug dealers and hookers, as long as they keep their dirty hands off of my stuff.

This happened sometime last night. My bedroom window is literally right across from where I parked last night (remember this incident?). Those bastards are lucky I'm such a sound sleeper. Booty Camp has been whipping me into shape, and Billy Blanks and I are besties. I would have Tae Boed some FACES with my killer quads if I had seen who did this.

So, now in addition to all of these adult things on my plate like worrying about saving for my pension, saving for a house, and saving for the education of my unborn children, I now need to create an "Asshole" fund, to help fix things after stupid drunk kids break my property. I'm trying not to become a cynical adult. I really, really, am. But days like this make it really, really hard.

Anyone wanna go to Tahiti?

This is looking good right about now.


  1. My sympathies to your vehicle..Poor Geo had both of its mirrors ripped off last year

  2. I don't get it.. people wouldn't walk around ripping ears off babies.. so why would they do it to my baby :(