Monday, June 14, 2010

well hel-lo zuzana.


This is Zuzana from (p.s. she doesn't really have T-Rex arms. More like "Imma knock you OUT" arms).

At first, I had a hard time taking her seriously, because she looks like the result of Rocky getting loose all over Jenna Jameson in some dirty Russian bar somewhere, and 9 months later she waltzed out. But then I took a look at the videos (and tried not to stare at her HUGE knockers) and uncovered some of the names of her workouts: "Suicidal Sweat Workout", "Sexy Pain Train Workout", and "Kiss My Tight Ass Workout".

First of all, her abs are IN. CAPITAL. SANE. There is nothing more encouraging to me than watching exercise videos with absolutely JACKED people in them. This is why Blue Crush is my favorite movie. Not because of the story line (HA!), but because the girls are crazy fit (I mean that in both the North American and British way) and it makes me want to go do situps on the beach and swim in the ocean all day.

The workouts look really legit and they are short, which is encouraging. I'd rather blitz something for 15-20 mins then spend 2 hours doing something mild. I'll get back to you on how they are!

But I somehow still can't shake the feeling that Billy Blanks has an undercover soft core porn operation, and she's the star..

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