Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This week hasn't been a great one. No one likes to hear complaining, so I'll make this short. I got a parking ticket yesterday morning, which only exacerbates my frustrations with the parking situation with my current apartment (aka, there is no parking), and makes me want to move out even more. On my way in to sign the lease on my new place today at lunch time, "Home" (Michael Bublé) came on the radio, which I thought was beautifully fitting for the moment, and then when I got there I wasn't allowed to sign it. Apparently the current tenant needs to come in first and sign something before me. It would have been nice if they had called me to let me know. Also, I'm definitely not allowed to have a dog. Even though cats are allowed, and I wanted to complain how gross and smelly cats are, except right at that moment one trotted down the hallway of the landlord's house, so I kept my mouth shut.

My attitude has sucked for the last few days (there's a guy that sits next to me at work who's been yawning continously since he got in this morning, and I'm thisclose to throwing my coffee mug at his head), and I think it stems directly from eating too much sugar, not enough veggies, and not getting enough sleep. I also need a good exercise endorphin rush, so I'm hoping that tonight's Booty Camp session is good and sweaty (and not too muddy... there are some ominous looking dark clouds outside right now!). It appears that a good sweat session, tossing out the junk and a good night's sleep seem to be the prescription for my much needed attitude adjustment.

That, or winning the lottery. And a puppy.

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