Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 notes on running.

After a decidedly "adult" day, full of boring "adult" things, I came home and lounged on the couch, watching the same cookie cutter tv shows that are on every afternoon. I surfed the same websites, felt the same malaise that was creeping in after spending one too many evenings on the couch, and made an adult decision. I was going for a run.

After throwing a decidedly childish temper tantrum (complete with stomping my feet and whining, "I don't WANT to run!"), while putting on my running clothes, I headed out the door. On my run, I realized a few things:

1. Running is one time where I can listen to music at an ear-splitting level and not worry about disturbing anyone. I love this.

2. I measure time by songs when I run; I usually don't feel warmed up until at least three songs have played.

3. When I get really into the music, I lip synch. Attractive, I know.

4. I wear sunglasses, even when it's cloudy, to hide the pain in my eyes when a run sucks, and to
watch guys check me out when I run by. Secretly, I am flattered! Except if they are old and homeless. Then it's weird.

5. Smells bother me a lot when I'm running. Maybe it's because I breathe so hard. If I pass a compost bin on a big inhale, I gag. Ew.

6. I cough obnoxiously when I run by smokers. I am aware that is a bitchy thing to do. I do it anyway.

7. I half-heartedly smile at every runner I pass. I fix my posture and try to control my breathing if they are particularly good looking. Male or female.

8. When I run by KFC, I alternate between feeling self-righteous (because I am out running and therefore treating my body with the respect and love it deserves), and feeling like I want to run in and eat EVERYTHING.

So awful. And so, so tempting.

9. When I run through intersections, I try to look good. I know when a runner runs by me and I am driving, I check them out. I secretly hope people are thinking, "I should go home and go for a run!" instead of "Geez, she looks like she's in pain!".

10. I HATED running when I started. Every step was exhausting and I kept thinking, "I'm going to die, I CAN'T DO THIS." I kept it up. I would run 2 telephone poles at a time, run through the chorus of a song, run just to the next mailbox... and the endorphins were enough to get me hooked. Now I love it. The trick is getting out there in the first place! Once my butt is off the couch, everything is golden.

Now, where did I put that remote?

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