Thursday, June 17, 2010

an evening off.

What a glorious evening!

I decided I'd give myself the evening off from running because I had a double workout last night, so tonight after work I had a bite to eat and picked up a few groceries. I also picked up a bottle of Cono Sur Pinot Noir, which is a Chilean wine that is made by a company who pride themselves in their environmentally conscious approach into making wine. I like it because there is a bicycle on the label.

Yes it's a screw top, but how cute is that label?!

I also rented, "It's Complicated". I loved this movie. It may have been the mood I was in, but it hit all the right spots and left me feeling satisfied. Meryl Streep is an outstanding actress, and Steve Martin was so sweet!

I didn't notice the Converse until just now.

As the movie played, I did a load of laundry, cooked a chicken, baked 2 dozen cookies, a dozen cinnamon rolls, cleaned up the kitchen, and enjoyed 1.5 glasses of Pinot Noir. I love having an open concept kitchen - I'm going to miss that about this apartment, so I'm soaking it up while I can!

Once the movie was over, I talked to DC on the phone and folded my laundry. Now I'm finishing my glass of wine before heading for bed. Tonight was a great night, and tomorrow is Friday! Can't get any better than this :)

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  1. Loved that movie! Although I would have preferred an alternate ending.