Sunday, June 13, 2010

waka waka.

Is it just me or can you not get enough of this song??

I freaking love Shakira... even though she is not exactly African. I feel like she is the sort of girl who would party late into the night with you.. and not be insulted if you tried to copy her dance moves. Also, how FUN does that dance look?! Note to self: learn that.

Saturday I went running with Josh. He's been "encouraging" me to train for another race, and by "encouraging", I mean, strongly, STRONGLY, suggesting. I'm still tossing the idea around, so for now all you get is "TBA".

Time: shorter than the last time we ran this route!
Length: 7 km
Training plan: TBA..
Feeling: Great but overheated

And here's another photo from Saturday morning which I'm sort of obsessed with at the moment. I'm not Buddhist, but I feel like this photo makes me look like a little Buddha.

You know.. if Buddha had bra straps.

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