Sunday, June 6, 2010


I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Lean in close, this is important.

I'm a planner.

I love to plan. I truly believe that I get at least half, if not 60% of my satisfaction with an event through planning for it. I love making lists and drawing diagrams. This is how I work.

This also means that I go all Amelia Bedelia when I am faced with a situation that I DIDN'T have the chance to plan for, and sometimes I need some time to let an idea sit before I am cool with it.

I loved these books.
Wait, did I say, "loved"? I meant, "love".

Now that you know that, here is the situation:

My lease on my current apartment is up at the end of August. We are currently 6 days into June, and I have been stalking Kijiji like 10-year-olds stalk Justin Bieber. You will no doubt take note that I have approximately two full months before I actually need to be worried about finding a new place. This is IRRELEVANT in my mind, because what if I wait that long and nothing is left and I can't find a place and I have to live in a cardboard box and learn to play the banjo barefoot on Spring Garden to make change to buy me a Tim's which I don't even like but I'm homeless and I can't afford STARBUCKS?!

Planning pays, people.

I found a sweet apartment on Kijiji today. Less than 8 hours ago, to be exact. I emailed the current tenant, got a response, and went to view said apartment less than 5 hours later. While standing in the apartment, I made an on-the-spot decision to take said apartment.

Now I am home, and FREAKING OUT.

Oh, did I mention the new lease starts November 1st? So I am currently 4 months ahead of schedule. And maybe moving back in with the 'rents September 1st. Which I said I wouldn't do again, not because I don't love my parents (I do, A LOT), but because I am an adult and I make adult decisions in an adult manner by PLANNING.

Rash decisions + lovely parents = CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES and no cardboard boxes. Hopefully :)

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