Wednesday, February 24, 2010

adventures in hali.

Funny story: Sunday I was complaining that my life is boring.

Moral of said story: Be careful what you wish for!

I will spare you the details, but basically, it is spring break for all of the universities in this area, and I can only imagine that being able to drink on a Sunday night was the catalyst for this:

At least I hope so. Who would do that sober? Seriously.

I woke up at 3:30am Monday morning to the sound of glass shattering, and no wonder I woke up, because that was my bedroom window. At least the window is double paned, and they only broke through the first pane, so I didn't get hurt. Also, the police officer I spoke to was so nice, he didn't even mention that Tyra would kick my butt for greeting the world in leggings, rubber boots, and a nasty old hoodie.. even if it was 3:30am. I at least brushed my teeth for him.

On another note, I'm looking into working part time in addition to my full time job. Why not? I have loads of free time, and my job status is shaky right now (federal funding, bleagh). I also need to finance my date with Michael Bolton, because I can't see him as a MacDonalds kind of guy. At least I hope not. I should know in about a week if this is a go or not. So far it looks promising!

Speaking of work, I've made it my policy to not accept "friends" on Facebook who I work with. I think this is a good policy, if even just to keep work and home separate. I think I've insulted people before because of this (oops) but I think it's for the best. Also, I don't have any "friends" under 17, but that's just so that their parents can't accuse me of trying to corrupt them with my bad influence. Plus, I remember realizing that people I looked up to were in fact, regular people, and I'm trying to keep the dream alive as long as possible! Or at least until they can vote. Then they're ready for the harsh reality of real life. The harsh reality that is rocks landing in your window at 3:30am. Aaaaand we've come full circle..

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  1. I try to keep people I work with off my FB too. I enjoy being able to post rants about how much I hate my job and not having to worry about it getting back to my boss. haha