Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pet peeve..

..when I send someone an email and they send it back to me, addressed as, "Rachel". My name is Rachael. Not Rachelle, or Raychel, or Racheal. RACHAEL. When I send an email from my work account, my name shows up THREE TIMES in the email. Once, by the address, once when I sign it, and once in my signature. I have spent a lifetime correcting people, spelling it before they start writing, and they still get it wrong. But nothing irritates me more when it is written right there, so obvious, and people are so assuming and flippant that they won't even double check to see if it's spelled correctly. SO IRRITATING.


  1. I feel ya! Oh and PS..I added your blog to my list of blogs I read on mine just fyi. Didn't think you'd mind but let me know if you'd rather it wasnt there.

  2. when i worked at the same restaurant as my boyfriend, he would take reservations under the name "kavanaugh". NO ONE spells it that way here in newfoundland, it's a nova scotian version! are you kidding me?? hahha.

    on a similar note, i love living in a province where i don't need to spell my last name out for people..