Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturdays = love.

What a fabulous day, and it's not over yet!!

I got up "early" (for a Saturday!) and headed to the park to make up a Booty Camp class from the past holiday Monday. It was sunny, and hot, and beautiful!!!

Then I headed home and resisted the urge to run past Starbucks for a $5 frappucino.

I made iced coffee instead.

And then I made some fruit salad for my adventure.

Adventure = driving to the beach!!

Just look at that sand.

My toes were happy!!

I lasted 30 mins in a swimsuit. I'm so impatient for summer!

What the heck, it's here already.

Private dock.

Look at that blue water!!


I never feel more at home, and more myself, then when I am at the beach. The sound of the water lapping at the shore, the smell of the salt water and my tanning lotion, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the gritty sand blowing through everything... I love all of it!!

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