Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hey now.

Remember how I said I was ranked 109/375 in the Women's 20-29 age group for my 10k? Turns out they rank us by "overall" time. My overall time is 3 minutes slower (1:00:26.8) than my chip time (57:07.4) because it took me 3 minutes to actually cross the start line after the gun went off. Now, I'd be much more upset about this if my chip time told me I'd placed in the top ten.. but I still feel a little indignant. When we're ranked according to our chip times, I move up 21 places and now I'm 88/375! One disadvantage of being in a larger race I guess..

*Update*: New "Personal Bests" page (above my photo)! Check it out!

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