Friday, May 14, 2010


Today I am celebrating my LEGS and all they do for me! I know most of the time I take for granted the fact that I can bound out of bed in the morning unaided (ha! not sure if "bound" is quite the right word..), or walk without any pain. Except for the pain I feel right now from Booty Camp. Here's to you, legs!
I took an embarrassingly large number of photos to get this shot.
Time: <1 hour
Length: 6.2 km
Training plan: I still following that?
Weather: 15C and beautiful!
Feeling: Improperly fueled and a bit out of shape.. but loving being back in my Asics!

Seeing as my last run was April 29... yes that was 15 days ago!.. this run went really well, all thanks to this playlist:

- Not Afraid (Eminem)
- California Girls (Katy Perry f. Snoop Dogg)
- Jump (Glee Cast)
- Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl (Glee Cast)

I know right.. like that is not a playlist Rach, that is only four songs (also, can they get any more random?). They cost me 7 bucks on iTunes, trust me, that is a playlist. I tend to play the same songs over and over again and then get sick of them after a few days. On another note, who ever thought Katy Perry and Snoop would team up.. much less put out a cookie cutter song like, "California Girls"? I hope Katy's not selling out..

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  1. i want those legs ! haha katy perry & snoop dogg sounds interesting.. i am going to check it out!!
    -Colleen (i can't remember how to log in.. hahah)