Monday, May 31, 2010

Booty Camp recap.

Eight weeks of Booty Camp are COMPLETE!*

I had my final weigh in tonight.

*For the sake of accountability, I must confess:
Out of the eight weeks, there are 24 classes. Two a week with an instructor, and one on my own. I missed at least 7 classes (between vacation, laziness, and working late), 4 of which were with the instructor and 3 on my own. I could have made them up by going to another class, but to be honest I couldn't be bothered.

Here are my final numbers:

I lost 6 lbs total (5 of those in the last month.. not sure how that happened!), and 8.75 inches!!! GO TEAM RACHAEL. It must be the crazy headbands. Today my headband was zebra striped.

Did you think you were getting a photo of me WEARING the sweaty zebra headband? Hahaha. No.

I've decided that she grabbed muscle when she was measuring my thighs with the fat calipers. Because those babies are JACKED. And there's no way I went down almost an inch in both thighs in the last month, but gained fat. Nope. If that's what happened (and they're my measurements so I'm changing them as I see fit.. ha!), that would explain why my body fat percentage went down.. although I lost weight? This junk is all so confusing.

Oh well. I know I feel better, I can now do 15 man pushups instead of the pathetic 2 I could do when I started, and I actually did a few with a foot in the air today. PROGRESS BABY.

I've signed up for 4 more weeks, so we'll see what these measurements look like in a month!

Also, I'm racing a 5k in a week and I haven't run since the 10k. Just throwing that out there.

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  1. Yeah, kinda wondered how the training was going for this weekend's run. ???? Love ya. M