Wednesday, May 12, 2010

vacation recap part 1.

I arrived home yesterday after a fabulous vacation with DC and his extended family in Toronto. We were gone for 11 days, three of which were travel. We stayed with DC's aunt, and the main reason for the trip was DC's cousin's wedding, which was GORGEOUS and definitely unforgettable (it snowed!!). Earlier in the week, the weather was 25C, humid, and sunny. I'm glad I brought shorts!! Canada is so weird.

I've been to Toronto before, but not really as a tourist, so we got to do a few touristy things while we were there. One was the CN Tower, which I was really excited for!

Jeepers it was high.

The view was incredible! It was a pretty clear day, and the buildings we thought were high from street level looked like buildings made of Lego. People were teeny tiny ants.

Leetle teeny ants.

I tip-toed onto the glass floor like a little kid. I had my hands out and everything. Like that would stop me. The tour guide was a very enthusiastic 40-something who reassured me that the glass could withstand the weight of 40 hippos. I doubt they could fit 40 hippos on the glass space, but if they were really really dense pygmy hippos maybe. It was freaky nonetheless!

I promise I don't have cankles. It's the camera angle!
I wore my
Fergie heels. They are really comfortable and got a lot of wear this trip!

I encouraged the collar-popping.. I sometimes like my bf to look like a frat boy.. this is me wiping the drool off my chin

I think this photo of us is one of my favorites. It's a bit dark, but the darkness helps camouflage the zit on my head. As if anything could camouflage that Everest of blemishes.

Speaking of skin, that is one major thing I noticed on this trip. I initially thought it was the humidity and temperature difference, but I am now willing to bet a lot of money I don't have that my skin breakouts (usually rare) and slagging energy levels were because I threw what little self control I have right out the CN Tower window and ate whatever, whenever I wanted. This included numerous desserts, seconds, thirds, waaaay too many gummy candies on the drives, and lots of chocolate. I also completely scrapped all plans to run and do BCF. I had a great vacation, but I definitely felt like my old "pre-exercise" self, with little to no energy and very lethargic. Every time I notice something like this, it confirms that I am on the right track with the changes I am making!

I had a BCF workout in the park today. I can still do ten man pushups (when I started I could only do 2 pathetic ones!), so I didn't totally get my butt kicked. This was my first outdoor class, and I loved and hated it - I love the sunshine and the chance to exercise outside, but I will not be caught dead doing the BCF cheer where someone else may hear me. Also, there is also the chance that men will stare at my butt while I am doing squats, but I surprisingly don't mind that part as much.. I mean, I'm working to get a bikini body, someone may as well appreciate it! ;)

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