Wednesday, May 19, 2010

goooooood morning!

You know summer is coming when you have a few extra unwanted houseguests.. the other day this little guy got a peep show when I went to jump in the shower..

Can you see him?


I usually flush spiders, but this guy was too big so I tossed him outside.

Then, this morning, I had one leg thrown over the side of the bed when in my fuzzy-eyed stupor I saw a moving black spot on the floor.. I quickly pulled my legs back up onto the bed and grabbed for my glasses. It was a GIANT beetle belly up, flailing his legs around trying to get righted. Whew... that gives me some time, says I. I looked around for an appropriate vessel for which to trap him, and I locked eyes with my full water glass. Beside my bed. For my dentures. Okay that last part was a joke. I grabbed it, chugged the water, and plunked the glass over Jiminy Cricket.

Please excuse the water drops on the glass, I was in a hurry to contain this behemoth of an insect.

He is currently still in my room. He has exactly ten minutes to pop out some sage advice or he a) dies from lack of oxygen or b) gets tossed outside.

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