Saturday, May 22, 2010


After a great morning with my friend Rebecca at the Farmer's Market, I headed on my way to the Bluenose Expo to pick up my race kit!

Along the way, I found a balloon artist... on stilts. No big deal.

Once I made it to the convention center, I followed the signs!

This is so exciting!!!

...WHOA. That's a HUGE list of registered runners! I wonder if I'm there!!


I should mention that the list on the wall was the pre-registered 10k runners.. this doesn't count the people who sign up today!

Here is where I picked up my package.

You bet it is!!

I have been waiting for this photo forever. My NAME is on my bib number!!!!!

Uh oh. Shopping?

A fanny pack made for runners?! Yes please!

I took this for my brother, who's in the reserves :)

This was me creeping on this dude wearing a kilt...

More races? Sure!

On the way back home, I saw a bride and groom and their entourage! Beautiful day for photos!

Then I spied the UPEI bus! Not sure why they are here...

Sunny day + lots of runners in town = packed Lululemon!

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