Tuesday, July 6, 2010

back at it.

My training plan sort of fell by the wayside these last few weeks. Work got really busy and then I went on a little mini vacation on the Canada Day long weekend (well, I made it a long weekend!). Needless to say, I wasn't really feeling the running business. I am eager to reach a point in time when I will have no qualms about waking early while on vacation to lace up my sneakers and run... but for now, when I only see Donnie a few days every month, I am spending as much time as I can with him when we're together :)

Last night I crawled out of my cozy spot on the couch and attempted a run. I wasn't feeling so hot (probably from a carb-overload this weekend!) so I did an easy 4k. It was supposed to be longer, but I ran out of steam, so I waka-waka'd my way up Citadel Hill and basked in the sunlight before running some errands.

Time: 25ish mins
Length: 4 km + 2km walking
Training plan: what training plan?
Weather: 20C and sticky
Feeling: wiped.

I got some groceries as well and filled my produce drawers to the brim! I'll add a photo in later :)

Edit: Yummm... you know, minus the chlorox wipes.

Have a great Tuesday!

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