Sunday, July 25, 2010

vegans, yoga, and Chinese.. oh my!

Yesterday afternoon and evening I had the opportunity to spend with my good friend Jill, visiting from Calgary. She and I tore up the stores and did some shopping, and then when our tummies were decidedly grumbly, we found this vegetarian restaurant called Heartwood that she had looked up. There were lots of vegan options, which we indulged in. Jill is vegan, and I've become more open to the idea from reading so many food blogs (notably Peas and Thank You and Oh She Glows). I used to think that all vegans ate was rabbit food, but both of the women responsible for their respective blogs post relatively easy and delicious looking recipes. It makes veganism less scary.. although I'm not completely there yet!

I ordered a marinated portobello sandwich with sprouts, tomato, cucumber, and house Caeser (vegan!) dressing. As well I ordered Just Us Fair Trade green tea. I went through a green tea phase in university, and I think I've been missing it in my life.. I might have to scrounge out my tea bags from the far recesses of my cupboard!

So delicious!

Pretty tea pot :)

Tonight I headed out to Ashtanga Yoga Shala for their Karma Yoga class. It's from 7-8:30 pm on Sunday nights, and it's a minimum $5 donation. I love these classes because: 1. it beats paying $16 for the regular classes; 2. there are a variety of levels and ages represented; and 3. the classes are usually huge, which means lots of energy in the room! I used to hate that the classes were so big, but I've since decided that it's a neat experience to practice with so many people.

Doesn't this lounge look inviting?

The studio space.

The class was a lot of fun. Ashtanga yoga follows a specific series of poses, and back in university I practiced for a year or two on and off, so I have a good handle on what's going on. However, both full and new moon days are observed as holidays in the Ashtanga yoga tradition, and as today is a full moon, we didn't do the full sequence. The instructor took the opportunity to mix it up a bit with some different poses. I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow, because it's been a long time since I've done Ashtanga, which consists of a faster flowing series and more poses that require strength elements. It was a great way to stretch out after my long run yesterday!

P.S. Confession. I totally ate food court Chinese today. Apparently three months is enough time for me to forget what a bad idea this is (click here for last time this happened). I totally regretted it immediately afterwards. Save yourself! Don't do it!!

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