Friday, July 9, 2010

I should start a "How-to" blog.

And it would be all pictures.

How To Soothe A Sunburn

If a day in the sun has left you feeling like this..

..and sporting a FANTASTIC combination of sunburn lines, then here is your solution.

1. Make a giant bowl of oatmeal. Place in freezer, while you..

2. ..go to Starbucks for an Iced Chai Latte. Yum!

3. Make up a bowl of frozen yogurt (because it is cold), chocolate, and blueberries (for their antioxidant properties, of course!).

4. Make up a pitcher of lemon/lime ice water. Must rehydrate!

5. Toss your aloe in the fridge to cool.

6. Now generously smear the cooled oatmeal all over yourself (preferably while standing in the tub), which is exactly as glamorous as it sounds, but you will thank me later. No really, it's supposed to help. I read it on the internet. Soak in the (lukewarm!) tub until your fro-yo bowl is licked clean, your iced latte is gone, your pitcher of water is empty, and your toes look like California Raisins.

Omg, so sexy.

7. Retrieve your cooled aloe and apply to sunburnt areas. Resist the urge to scream like a little girl when it touches your ridiculously hot skin.

8. Now go the heck to bed. Who cares if it's 9pm. Your body needs to heal, baby!

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