Monday, July 12, 2010

back at er.

Time: 1:13.15 (this includes all the times I stopped for streetlights, to check my phone, and a few 30 sec-1 min walking breaks)
Length: 11.2 km
Training plan: irrelevant
Weather: 23C. Foggy. Sticky.
Feeling: HOT. and sweattyyy

Random thought: Hills are way less scary than when I first started running.

Josh and I are supposed to do a 13k run on Saturday, and I've been slacking lately, partly because I'm a diva and refuse to run in the rain, and it seems that's all we've had lately. But I figured I should at least get one long run in somewhat close to our scheduled distance before Saturday just to make sure I can do it! Phewf.

You know you're hardcore when:

You exercise with a sunburn and wind up looking like an alien.

No joke. When I was running, my burn on my neck blistered because the sweat couldn't get out, so I wound up with these little bubbles on my neck. I had greased up with Vaseline before I left (hoping to ease the chafing from my sports bra), so at first I thought it was that, but when I poked them they didn't move. So glamorous. I thought about uploading a photo... but no. Thankfully, I had read KP's blog earlier in the day and the same thing happened to her, so I didn't freak out too much.

Now, to BED. My bed truly is one of my favorite places in the whole world.

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