Saturday, July 17, 2010

just call me Gretel.

*Edit* Real life photos are now added!

Today I set a new personal distance record! This half marathon training is fun because every long run is a new PDR!

Time: 1:35.49
Length: 15.5 km
Training plan: 13 km
Weather: SUNNY!!
Feeling: Started hurting around 5k. Happy it was sunny. Glad to have water!

Josh and I headed up to Truro this morning to check out the Cobequid Trail, which is where our half marathon is going to be at the end of August. Josh suggested it might be a good idea to check out the terrain to get a good idea of what the running surface is like. I thought this was a good idea (even though I wasn't thrilled about the idea of a trail run.. what kind of runner doesn't like trail runs?!), so we managed to find it without too much trouble, and started out around 9am.

The trail was crushed gravel and mostly flat, and it was a gorgeous day. I had stopped by the Running Room last night and picked up some new running gear, namely a skirt (below) and a hand held water bottle (also below). My current pair of running shorts is the only pair I own, and I've been eyeing running skirts for a while. They're just so cute and girly! And athletic at the same time! I am happy to report that both were a brilliant idea, as at least half of my water wound up down my shirt because it was freaking hot.

So cute! It's like I'm going to play tennis or something!

This was a very good idea.

At the "halfway" mark, Josh checked his iPod (he has one of those cool chips in his shoe that "talks" to his iPod), he did an abrupt about-face and said, "7 and a bit". 14 km was our goal, so we pivoted and headed back, which was awesome because running back (even as much as I hurt) means you're more than halfway done. What I didn't know is "a bit" meant 7.75km, which he was wise not to tell me because I would have been mad at him. Running Rachael is volatile! :)

Along with the skirt and water bottle, I had picked up some "Sport Beans", which are Jelly Belly's way of attempting to weasel their way into the running market, because supposedly their recommended purpose is, "Supports electrolyte and energy replenishment during exercise." Which I sort of think is a load of hooey, but I figured if I can justify eating candy on a long run, then by George, I'm gonna do it! They tasted like freezies. Well, the 7 I actually ate. This is where the "Gretel" part comes in - I had dumped them loose into my little fanny pack, and around the 8k mark when I wanted more, I realized they had made a break for it and jumped ship. I will have to keep a closer eye on this fanny pack. My fanny likes to bump-bump-bump when I run and this makes the zipper sneak open when I'm not paying attention.

Really just candy.

My favorite part of a long run is the end. Okay, maybe that's not entirely true, but I really do enjoy winding down. For me, involved sitting on a blanket in the unpaved parking lot, icing my knees, stuffing my face with watermelon and giggling watching my legs twitch, while Josh did the sensible thing and stretched out.

The aftermath.

Then we promptly replaced our sugar stores with - what else - slushies!!! Which was amazing. Minus the brain freeze.

My slushie looks like he got punched in the face. This is what happens when you mix blue raspberry, lime, and cherry.

Another awesome part about long runs is that I have to replace all the calories I burned (approximately 1000!! HOLY COW), which means EATING! I LOVE food. I was excited when I got home to raid mom's fridge (thanks mom!) and stuffed my face with a chocolate chip cookie, a boiled egg, and more watermelon with whipped cream. Odd choices, but delicious nonetheless :)

Whipped cream? Unnecessary. But DELICIOUS.

I've showered and had an epsom salt bath (with my Runner's World magazine.. try playing, "I Spy" with John Stanton.. I'm sure he's in there like 70 times), and am currently enjoying a homemade iced coffee. I have nothing more to do today except EAT and rest. Hooray!

Supper (the tinfoil contains onions). YUM!

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