Thursday, July 8, 2010

workout clothing fairy.

If I had one wish granted today, it would be to make myself in to the "workout clothing fairy". Upon being bestowed with this (albeit awkward) incredible title, I would run around with my magic wand, and every time I saw someone working out in a crappy outfit, they would be magicked into an attractive, spandex-in-the-right-places, flattering, brightly colored outfit that would make them feel good about themselves. It would be like Lululemon vinyasaed its way into a Lane Bryant and they all made sweet, sweaty passionate love. Because I don't think that when you're doing something that is so good for yourself like working out, that you should be subjected to only wearing huge gray t-shirts and baggy navy blue shorts.




Buddhists all over the world are cringing at my flippant use of images of the Buddha.

This coming from someone who's only pair of running shorts is three years old. If I keep running races and posting photos they're going to all start looking the same!

Perhaps a little shopping is in my future?

Last night's run:

Time: 45ish mins
Length: 6.5 km
Training plan: 6.5 km
Weather: 20C and huuumid
Feeling: powerful, and sticky!
I ran from my mom's last night, and she lives on the top of a big hill. I ran all the way back up the hill on the way home, without stopping! So proud! :)

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