Wednesday, July 7, 2010

it's warm and the creatures are out.

Or, IN. As in, IN my apartment.

Sometimes I hang my clothes up to dry. This morning, when I went to put on a bra that had been hanging on my clothes rack, it was exactly three inches from my boobs when I spotted the little peeping tom, firmly attached to my bra.

I SHRIEKED and threw it on the ground. The little bugger must have thought he was on cloud nine (literally) because he would not let go of the padding. I scrambled to the kitchen and grabbed a water glass, and weaseled him off of the fabric and onto the floor.

Waving for the camera. This is the frat boy of spiders.

I'm tempted to leave him on the floor as an example to his fellow frat boys, but I think I might put him back outside..

On another note, I dreamt I was in a car crash and killed SIX people, but had amnesia about the whole thing. Thus, no guilt. Bizarre. I guess this is a sign I should stop texting and driving...

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