Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hey look!

I'm a runner!

..well.. sort of like how 5 year olds with Timbits hockey jerseys are pro hockey players. I'm a baby runner. Also, need advertising space? I'm renting out my forehead.

When I started running in high school, I used the Galloway method, and after a few months could run 5k without stopping. I haven't run for a really long time now, but I've been getting inspired by reading lots of healthy living blogs. I didn't want to regress to walking again, because even though that worked for me in the beginning, I feel like a failure if I walk during a run.. and I use the word "run" loosely, I've seen 80 year old men run faster than I moved today. REGARDLESS. I'd rather run a shorter distance without stopping than longer with walking breaks.

Time: Just over 18 minutes; cool down, 5-6 minutes
Length: 3.75 km (I used Gmaps Pedometer to track it afterwards)
Weather: 3-4 degrees C, overcast, drizzly
Feeling: Dehydrated, no energy (that's what I get for running on empty)

Superstore had a sale!

And then I went and undid all my good work this morning and had lunch with my Mom at Cora's. Yumm!

Now I'm watching Housewives.. obsessed!

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