Tuesday, February 16, 2010

first guest post!

..can be found over at Pink Robots Need Love Too!

Amanda is a fellow blogger who I met through my boyfriend, an adventurous soul who loves trying new things and seeing new places. She loves traveling and is my inspiration for many reasons, largely because she is currently planning a wedding in Canada (where her boyfriend is) while living in Korea and teaching English for a year.

Pre-Korea. Aren't they adorable??
P.S. Yes Amanda, I stole this from your Facebook site..

From her "About" section:

"This is a blog about fashion, pop culture(by which I mean the same junk that we all read on Perez Hilton), art, writing, food, wine, do-it-yourself projects, thrifting, and delicious food."

Thanks Amanda!!

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  1. That's okay! I love this picture! It's in the red light district of Paris and Brandon is drunk drunk drunk on wine. Thanks for the link and please write again!