Thursday, February 4, 2010


Warning: This post is filled with an excessive amount of capitals

My friend Josh came over for supper tonight, which was lovely. I made my version of cashew chicken (which I made up on the spot, but apparently came out alright.. or else Josh is up for an Oscar!), some veggies, and enough rice to feed Haiti.* That will teach me to "eyeball it". I like hanging out with him, we each get to vent and bounce ideas off each other - we always manage to have interesting conversations.

Once he left, it all went downhill. My batch of cookies bombed, right when I was craving chocolate (and didn't have eggs in the house, which means I tried a new recipe.. boo). I then braved the cold outside to hunt down some Jost white wine (specifically: L'Acadie Pinot Grigio), and the teeny tiny liquor store didn't have it. SO I was going to settle for a Riesling, until I remembered that my debit card was in my coat pocket from getting gas (a traumatic experience in this arctic environment**). I never carry cash, 1. because I'm lazy and 2. so I can honestly tell bums on the street I have no money when they ask (which is a whole different post in itself). I decided to use my credit card. WHICH I have only used once in a non-online transaction. One that did not involve the clever use of this new "chip" technology, that means you have to stick your credit card in a debit machine and enter a PIN. WHICH I DO NOT HAVE. Which means I went out into the cold, for NOTHING, and made the poor guy at the liquor store think I stole the credit card, or was a rather spry 93 year old woman ("Can't you just swipe it and check my ID? I've never used the PIN before, I don't know what it is.")

I promptly called said credit card company upon returning home and they apparently MAILED me the PIN when I first got the card, I don't know, back in the fall sometime. How the HECK was I supposed to know what that was for back then, for all I knew people swiped credit cards and signed the receipt. Forgive me, I'm a late bloomer in the credit department. The only way to get the PIN or change it is to get them to send it to me again (3-5 business days) or call them, and they flip a switch and give me 12 hours to get to a BMO bank machine. GAH. All I wanted was Grey's and some Pinot. That is all.

*Too soon?
**The cold is doing me in. I'm one step away from booking a vacation on my line of credit and "forgetting" to book a return flight.

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  1. Im sorry "a traumatic experience in this arctic environment" I need more...